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Why Makes an Apollo Interface Unique?

by Merle

Apollo is the first professional audio interface that provide the same software, hardware, and support as a high-end studio workstation. It is loaded with capabilities that make recording and mixing music, podcasts, and voice-overs simpler. However, it has also been intended to be adaptable to anything you throw at it.

Characteristics of Apollo Interfaces

Here are a few distinguishing characteristics of an apollo interface:

Excellent Sound Quality

Apollo family interfaces are the only ones created by some of the top engineers and have been utilized on multiple platinum albums and international tours. The difference between an Apollo and other interfaces is audible in terms of sound quality and performance.

Luna Recording Technique

Apollo interfaces incorporate Luna Recording Technique, an innovative method of audio recording that provides you more control over your recordings. It enables you to record many takes with varying settings, then combine them in real time to get the ideal take without having to bounce audio or re-record content. This makes it much simpler to record your greatest performance without having to conduct numerous takes or worry about missing something fantastic because of an early mistake.

Successful DSP Acceleration

Apollo includes an unlimited license for Avid’s sophisticated DSP acceleration technology with the most recent version of Pro Tools software. This allows for tracking and mixing in real time without any loss of audio quality, even when utilizing many inputs and outputs simultaneously. In fact, you can run plug-ins concurrently on up to eight channels!

Genuine Preamps

All Apollo interfaces have Focusrite-designed preamps that are exclusive to their own devices. The exceptional headroom and transparency of these preamps make them suited for even the most demanding applications. Additionally, they incorporate “Air” technology, which consists of analog valves for the highest possible sound quality. Each channel also has a tube compressor, giving you more control over your sound!

A Genuine Console Preamp

Apollo is equipped with a custom-designed console preamp that reproduces the warm, rich sound of historic recording consoles utilized by the world’s leading performers. This provides the warmth and depth of analog recordings from the past without losing the practicality and adaptability of current technology. Apollo is not limited to microphones; you can also use it with your favourite instruments!

High-speed communication through Thunderbolt 3

Apollo connections have Thunderbolt 3 connectors that allow bidirectional transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps – that’s twice as fast as USB 3.0 and eight times as fast as USB 2.0! This allows you to utilize a single connection for both power and data, reducing clutter in your studio. And since Thunderbolt is so fast, it requires no extra drivers or software for connectivity; just plug in and start producing music!


The Apollo is a really amazing audio interface that would be more than enough for almost anybody desiring to create high-quality recordings. Additionally, it is compatible with practically all operating systems. If you wind up with an Apollo, expect a lot from this trick box!

The Apollo series is a cornerstone of the Universal Audio product range, and it’s simple to see why: not only is it user-friendly, but it’s also loaded with capabilities. This interface is loaded with functionality, including analog inputs, Dante, audio conversion for several platforms, a hardware dual-converter, and lots of DSP. At this level, there are few interfaces that can compete.

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