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What Is the Difference Between Range Balls And Normal Balls?

by Merle

Golf balls that are created expressly for use on a driving range are referred to as “range balls” or “driving range balls.” These terms refer to the same thing.

They typically have a colored stripe around their circumference (most commonly black, red, or green), and the term “range” or “practice” may be printed on them. Alternately, they might be yellow all the way through, with black stripes going around the perimeter.

At driving ranges, golfers normally charge for range balls at bulk, also known as the metaphorical “bucket of balls.” Rates at driving ranges vary depending on the quantity of balls hired as well as the volume of the bucket.

Golfers who wish to use range balls in a place other than a driving range can also acquire them in large quantities if they desire to do so.

What Do Golfers Think About Range Balls?

Because range balls are intended to be used on driving ranges, where they are struck repeatedly by golfers of wildly diverse skill levels, they must be able to withstand repeated impact for an extended period of time without degrading in quality.

They must be superior to conventional golf balls in their resistance to cutting, scuffing, and other types of cover damage because the majority of conventional range balls have such a solid core and a two-piece design, but the covers are exceptionally tough. Sometimes the cores of range balls are made of tougher materials, which can make flying more difficult.

There are certain prominent golf manufacturers who do produce range variants of certain golf balls specifically for driving ranges. These range versions of golf balls are typically constructed in the same manner as the “normal” versions of such balls but have a cover that is significantly more durable.

In general, real golf balls travel farther than range balls do on the golf course. The most significant distinction, though, is not, particularly that range balls normally travel lesser distances, but rather that there is such a large range of performance in terms of distance.

Range Balls Vs Premium Balls

In contrast to conventional golf balls, range balls are intended to be struck multiple times and are constructed to be significantly more resilient than regular golf balls. They travel a lot less distance and provide a considerably stronger connection just on shot as a result of their core being far more hard and their cover being significantly more thick.

The majority of range balls have an extremely low-quality base rubber. There is a lot of wiggle room in the specifications, so you should be prepared for varying levels of performance, even within a single batch.

To make the coverings of range balls more durable, the Surlyn blend that they are normally composed of is thicker and more firm than other blends. In addition to this, a substantial amount of paint is applied to the surface in order to protect the external finish.

When compared to a premium ball, a standard ball would have a slower ball speed and will perform substantially different in terms of critical launch properties, including such spin and height.

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