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What are the Benefits of Custom Bar Mats?

by Merle

Using customized bar mats is a smart choice in bars and clubs. Also referred to as spill mats, these accessories provide functional, aesthetic, and even promotional benefits. These mats provide an excellent way to keep your bar counter protected while adding a style statement.

Explore the different reasons for using custom bar mats for your establishment.


There are many ways that customized bar mats can enhance your place of business. This includes:

Enhanced Aesthetics

Many bar owners choose bar mats in colors that can readily blend into the overall theme of their place of business. You can also have the mats custom printed and in colors that perfectly match your bar’s theme. From neutral to vibrant colors, you can find them in all forms. Bringing color variations can often make these mats more appealing to your customers.


Quality bar mats are made of durable materials such as PVC vinyl and can withstand all types of treatment. They can be used not just in bars and clubs, but also in busy workplaces such as around fast-food counters and nurse stations. They are sturdy and durable enough to be used repetitively and still hold onto their looks and integrity.

Ease of Cleaning

Bar mats are also easier to clean and help you maintain a hygienic surface. Drinks and food keep spilling at bars, pubs, and similar places. If you have spill mats that are easy to clean, it will be convenient for everyone. These mats are non-absorbent and thus prevent the place from becoming messy.

Promotes Your Brand

Customized bar mats also make it easier to promote your brand. As mentioned above, they can be customized with your brand name or logo. This can help make a positive brand impact on your visitors. These mats can also be used to promote brands at events, helping boost your foot traffic and revenues, while building brand awareness.


These bar mats are also inexpensive and cost-effective in a number of ways. They are available at wholesale prices and can last long. When used for promotional purposes, these accessories don’t have to do much in terms of sales talking. The logo and other promotional prints on the mats do the talking for themselves.

You can also print some business information on these mats. Even the mat’s design can be customized to your specifications.

Promotional Gifts

Bar mats can also be used as giveaway merchandise. They can help promote your brand while serving a functional purpose for your target audience. They can be used as your brand’s PR gift for your target audience. Besides, customized mats can be given away at events. Thus, they can go a long way in boosting brand awareness and growing your sales.

Thus, there is so much to customized bar mats and you should explore every way to benefit from them. They can protect surfaces in your place of business, help promote your brand, enhance your bar’s appeal, and can also be used as gift options.

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