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High Quality Frontal Lace Wig: Guide To Choosing High Quality Wigs

by Merle

Lace wigs are such a big deal in the market today, and choosing high quality frontal lace wigs is just as important as styling and slaying your lace wig for the next big event. The major benefit of choosing high quality frontal lace wigs is that they last longer and give a better appearance compared to those with poor quality.

Before setting out to buy your next high quality frontal lace wig, there are certain things you need to know to help you choose right.

There are different types of wigs

You have to know the difference between wig types to enable you to make the right choice. There are synthetic, animal hair, and natural hair fibers. Natural and synthetic hair fibers are more common for high quality frontal lace wigs. Let’s take a look at some differences between these two.

Synthetic hair fibers

Although synthetic hair fibers are not made with natural hair, they have evolved over the years to have similar resemblance to their natural hair counterparts—making them a good competitor in the market. Synthetic hair fibers are also cheaper, when compared to natural hair fibers.

It is also easier to use since they can be installed straight from the box without any need for styling. Synthetic frontal lace wigs also do not require a lot of maintenance; however, they are not as durable or adaptable as natural hair frontal lace wigs.

Human hair fibers

Human hair fibers are made from natural human hair, with the most popular being from Peru, Brazil, and India. Human hair is more durable and heat resistant. If properly maintained, human hair frontal lace wigs can be used for more than two years.

Human hair frontal lace wigs can be styled in different ways as opposed to the rigid styling of synthetic wigs. Wigs made with human hair are considered high quality frontal lace wigs; however, they are costlier than synthetic frontal lace wigs.

Hair Grade

Another important tip to note when choosing a high quality frontal lace wig is the hair grade. The hair grading system is used to measure the health, composition, and quality of the hair fibers used in making the wig. The lowest hair grade is 3A, which is characterized by unhealthy hair, and is sometimes mixed with synthetic hair fibers to get a better appearance.

Different grades of hair range from 3A to 10A, which is the highest grade of hair. 10A grade hair is characterized by healthy natural hair strands that have not gone through any form of chemical processing, and is often more expensive than the other hair grades.

Where You Buy Your Wig

Several hair stores or vendors sell poor-quality hair for the price of high-quality hair. This can cost you a lot of money and also buying terrible hair. It is best to purchase from credible stores or vendors to ensure you get high quality frontal lace wigs.


The appearance of our hair is important to how we feel about ourselves. As a result, proper care should be taken when choosing our hair. In order to get the desired result from your frontal lace wigs, you must take the time to find high quality frontal lace wigs. The post gives simple and detailed steps on how choose the right frontal lace wig.

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