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Essential Things to Learn Before You Buy a New Pod System

by Merle

The vaping world is witnessing transformation every single day. The manufacturers have got into a hefty competition to launch vape pods better than before. The options and choices are unlimited. Vaping is undeniably cool! The reason behind its launch and marketing has earned the vape pods quite a good place, which declares these pods a better alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

The product is roaring in the market because of its convenient size and easy use. Different versions with crazy and somewhat unlimited features are fun but have also made it difficult for the folks to grab the perfect one. If you have been on a pod hunt, you have landed in the right place because UWELL Caliburn A2 is the upgraded, sensational pod you’d eagerly pick after reading this blog post. As this blog post discusses all the essential things you need to know before you buy your new pod system.

What is a POD System?

The ultra-compact, sleek and convenient vaping devices are termed pod systems. A pod system consists of either an empty or a filled pod, alongside a handheld compact, low ampere battery. It has the dynamic feature of charging the pod through its USB port.

The pod carries the e-liquid. All you need to do is to insert it into the device and get going!

Essential Things You May Want to Know About POD Systems Before Your Purchase

Following are the essential things you need to know before buying pod systems.


Before you start your research for the pod system of your dreams, you are advised to assess your budget. It is because the price variation in pod systems is diverse and often confuses the buyers. It’s pretty possible that you might find a good vape pod in a fair price but here comes the trick! Check for the pod or tank and its capacity. Often the e-juice is too little, and you end up rushing for refilling every now and then.

Price is directly linked with the use too. If your vaping sessions are a routine job, spend money accordingly.

Battery Life

Most people end up frustrated if the battery drains regularly and you find yourself lingering around the sockets to charge your pod system. Consider the battery life and charging capacity before a fount purchase. This is extremely important because vaping is something recreational that can turn into a mess if the battery is not compatible. A battery of 1000+ mAh is recommended if you are looking for a pod that’ll see you through the day.


Since we are all time-bound with a lot on our plates to be done, we need devices that are quick and handy. Another best pod purchasing tip is to n charge cross-check the charging cable. The C-type charging cable is becoming insanely popular for its incredible charging speed. It can charge your device up to 90% in half an hour. The pods accessorized with the C-Type charger have seen a boom in business because of this incredible charging cable.

Draw Activated or Button Activated Vape Pod

This can be a major debate! Draw-activated vape mods are vaping devices that you can activate by puffing on them. As soon as you get them closer to your mouth and take a puff, they start working. The button activated, of course, operates as soon as you press the button.

Though it seems to be a minor difference, it can be of great worth if you see it according to your preference and style. If you are struggling to quit smoking, the draw-activated pod suits you as it replicates the puffing on a cigarette.

The most common problem that seemed to have occurred with button activated pod is the runaway e-juice interfering with the draw activator sensor.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct to Lung (DTL)

A mouth-to-lung pod means taking the vapor in your mouth before breathing into the lungs. Most of the pods are MTL and suit beginners. They are usually not so powerful.

The direct-to-lung vape pods inhale the vapors to the lings directly. They produce bigger vapor clouds and are powerful enough to take the vapors straight down to the lungs.


Pods are the modern vaping devices, which are ultra-compact, sleek, and, easygoing! They have exciting features which often make it difficult for the customers to choose the perfect one. This beginner guide would have surely helped you grab the desired product and kick smoking.  Select the one capable of fast charging, bears a good battery, and is reasonable in price. Consider other important features listed above and enjoy your sessions!

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