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A Comprehensive Guide on Blister Packing Machines

by Merle

A blister machine is a packing device that converts transparent plastic sheets or film into blisters. Blister packing machines often work hand in hand with other packaging methods like bonding and hot pressing. The complementary packaging techniques help seal products inside the blister cavities. Blister machines are quite interesting and incredibly beneficial. But have you ever wondered how these machines work, why you can apply them, and the value that they bring on board? Worry no more because we will reveal everything to you.

Things you should know about blister packing machines

Blister machines are interesting and not nearly as complex as you may assume. Whether you intend to buy the machine or want to know some basics about them, we have everything you want to know. Below is a guide on essential things you should know about these machines.

How does a blister machine work?

A blister packing machine is an electromechanical device featuring moving and stationary elements. These elements work together to pack and seal products like tablets. The device’s mechanical movement helps form specific sizes on the packing materials. They also facilitate suitable filling and sealing using recommended materials. The working principles for blister machines differ depending on the type. The standard blister machines are; roller type, rolling plate, and flat blister packing machines.

Application areas for blister packing machines

Blister packing machines are vital in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies often package their medicines, like capsules, pills, and tablets, in blisters. They also use blister machines for packaging devices like syringes. However, applications of blister packing machines go beyond the pharmaceutical sector. Food processing companies and the chemical industry also benefit from blister machines.

The value of blister packing machines

These machines do more than package products like medicines. They allow you to print information on the blisters. Pharmaceutical and medical institutions print dosage and manufacturing information on the blisters. However, the plastic sheet or film quality can also attribute this value. Another value of blister machines is they create protective blisters. The blisters protect sensitive products from light, moisture, and various contaminants. Therefore, blister packing is a more convenient form of packaging than most conventional techniques. Furthermore, the packages are easily customizable.

The difference between blister and strip packing

Strip and blister packing techniques are often compared and sometimes confused. This is because they are both essential in the pharmaceutical sector. However, they are not the same.

The primary difference between trip and blister packing is that the former does not have thermal or cold-forming cavities. Furthermore, strip packages are typically formed around the tablet, while blister packages are usually created before inserting the product.


You appreciate this machine better when you know the value it gives. The best blister machines create the blisters and seal them. Therefore, you do not need a separate machine for sealing. You can find various types and models of blister packing machines at Alibaba. This is the go-to shopping platform with competitive prices and all imaginable products. The machines are also super quality with the specifications you have always wanted.

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